Develop interest in politics

The way to revive politics in this country is to start listening to ordinary folk working class people who feel as if they have been ignored for such a long time , then to encourage people to stand for office,  and make it easier to enter our political system ensuring the path is easier to negotiate,  encourage union membership as a way to gain relevant training and development and experience so when they come to stand for parliament they have the necessary skills and experience to do well , then they can enthuse others to enter political system ensuring the positive message of politics is heard by everyone , otherwise it could be the death of political parties and systems in this country ,  this could once again become a on going situation ensuring the health of our country

Facilitate change

I have reached a cross Roads between allowing myself to be cast aside by people who for reasons unbeknown to me, keep me at arms length in mbro labour group,  the options are simple either i can leave and all this to happen to me,  or i can stay in the party and work my way through the grassroots to attempt to facilitate change that i believe is necessary from within , I have always been a leftie and labour through and through , and very ambitious for the future , would love to get reassurance from my party here is hoping ,

Taking back politics for working class

The working classes have been left out of the political system for to long now , it is time we took back what is rightfully ours , a good start will be getting the political parties especially the labour party to allow  positive discrimination allowing working class candidates to selected to stand for office , we also must encourage the growth of unions to give folk another window of opportunity onto the political ladder and to receive relevant experience and training , by easing the way in to the process it will give ordinary people something to look up to identify with and aspire to , hopefully it will get people enthused about politics local and national , .